Drink Company owns and operates the Columbia Room, PUB and forthcoming Reverie. We subscribe to the philosophy of Joe Strummer who said, "The way you get a better world is [that] you don’t put up with substandard anything." Each one of our projects reflects that sentiment and is the best we have to offer in drinks, food, atmosphere and service.


Columbia Room is a bar created by Derek Brown where cocktails and cuisine merge to create a memorable experience. The Columbia Room is composed of three distinct spaces—our Tasting Room, Spirits Library and Punch Garden. In 2017, the Columbia Room was awarded "Best American Cocktail Bar" at the prestigious Spirited Awards.

Throughout Columbia Room we believe in exceptional service, meticulously crafted drinks and exquisitely made dishes, and have won numerous accolades as proof of our sincerity. But our true goal is to wow and amaze the guests we serve.

Pop-Up Bar (PUB)



PUB is a rotating pop-up bar that houses thematic bars created by Drink Company such as Miracle on 7th Street, Cherry Blossom PUB and Game of Thrones PUB. Our first pop-up bar was in the Winter 2015 when we partnered with Cocktail Kingdom to create the first "Miracle" franchise outside of New York City. Since then we have held multiple themes and welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors.

PUB specializes in elaborate decorations created by our design team alongside specialty cocktails that draw from the classics with fun, irreverent names and garnishes. At PUB, guests are treated to immersive, one-of-a-kind experiences. 



Coming Soon


Reverie is a forthcoming New American restaurant by Johnny Spero with elegant touches and elevated cooking in an approachable atmosphere. 

Rooted in a love and dedication to the ingredients of the Mid- Atlantic region, Reverie brings a cosmopolitan perspective that appeals to a smart-set that has dined at the best restaurants in the world as well as local food cognoscenti. 

Reverie's design and cuisine are inspired by Johnny Spero's experiences in Denmark, Japan, and Spain, where he found an aesthetic that crossed cultures, derived from nature and minimalism. The menu is ingredient driven and beautifully plated, akin to progressive tasting menus, but served a la carte. Guests can choose their dining experience from an ever-changing seasonal menu and expect something new with every visit.